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Letter: Sullivan’s Alaska residency doesn’t matter in Senate race

When does how long a candidate lived here or where they are from become a criteria for representing Alaska in government? I would recommend Alaskans look at who a candidate is and what they bring to the table to best represent Alaskans in government.

I don’t know Dan Sullivan, who is running for the Senate. In researching his background, I learned that he graduated from two prestigious universities with highest honors. As commissioner of DNR, he must have learned more than the average Alaskan about our state. He is a lieutenant colonel, executive officer of the 4th Marine Division’s anti-terrorism battalion who recently served our country in Afghanistan.

If he is from another state or, as some people may call him, a cheechako, he just may serve Alaskans as well as those who claim the right to be a sourdough. It appears to me Dan Sullivan is an American running for the US Senate to make a difference to serve Alaskans.

— Margaret Hansen