Homer's trick-or-treating hot spot creates a huge traffic headache

From the Homer Tribune: For years, families on the southern Kenai Peninsula have converged on two Homer residential streets for Halloween trick-or-treating. Some residents love the attention and spend up to $500 on candy, while others dread the day and turn off all their lights in hopes of avoiding it. Either way, traffic in the area, which lacks sidewalks and parking areas, is by all accounts horrendous on Halloween, and the city this year is creating a temporary one-way zone in an attempt to manage the chaos.

Adele Person Groning, who lives in the area and helped organize the traffic pattern, said she and several neighbors began talking about what to do to make the Halloween hot spot safer. In past years, a melee of tiny goblins and ghouls, followed by their parents in vehicles, have darted from house to house. With no sidewalks and no place for cars to park, coupled with the traditional Halloween snow and sleet, many feared an accident was inevitable.

"A lot of people said this has been long overdue," Groning said, adding that she heard reports of people who had been hit by cars, but not injured enough to report it. While the neighborhood wasn't unanimously in favor of the idea, the majority of residents supported it.

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