Letter: City leaders must hone efficiency

Our municipal leaders need to focus more carefully on running our city effectively and efficiently:

• On the MOA website there is the Corporate GIS Portal, a searchable set of maps containing information invaluable to many businesses. Ever since our current mayor took office it has become a buggy, clumsy, often frustratingly worthless site. The mayor does not have keep any trains on schedule. It seems the least he could do is keep this important municipal service working.

• There is a spat between business owners over the future of tennis courts near the Northway Mall. Our mayor proposes that those courts be demolished and new ones built on the west side of town. We should not be so wasteful. We realize the existing courts are a private facility. Nonetheless, they function as a public amenity, valuable because of our winters. The mayor should bring the parties to some reasonable compromise.

What kind of fiscal conservatism allows a completely serviceable community amenity to be demolished and then uses public funds to build a replacement?

— Mike Mense,

Bonny Headley