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Letter: Parnell, Sullivan administrations marked by contempt for the people

Utter contempt for public involvement — the signature distinction of the Sean Parnell and Dan Sullivan administrations.

Consider the Comprehensive Plan 2020, the product of thousands of volunteer citizen hours to create the vision for the quintessential future Anchorage, so crassly disfigured by substituting the Title 21 “vision” of Sullivan’s Fragrant Pets (courtesy Mark Twain) Dan Coffey via one sole-source contract, and Connie Yoshimura with her developer-enriched P&Z Commission. By the people?

Consider Parnell’s House Bill 77, disallowing public comment on critical water issues, and, worse, forbidding any public notice. Moreover, witness the state’s malignant discouragement of public-interest litigation. We the people?

Without any public notice, or opportunity to comment, Mr. Sullivan and Fragrant Pet, Rep. Bill Stoltze, blindsided U-Med neighbors’ decades-long opposition to the Bragaw extension, stuffed $20 million, literally in the final hour, into the state budget expressly for the “road.” Sneaky. For the people?

Our Assembly limiting public testimony on vital issues?

Parnell’s Choose Respect is disrespect, churlish hypocrisy and hubris.

Noam Chomsky: “American democracy is an endangered species.”

— Peter Mjos