Letter: Once again, columnist Moore attacks nonsensical conspiracies

The Oct. 19 opinion column by Shannyn Moore, “Parnell targets Bella Hammond — he should be ashamed,” is yet another diatribe against individuals and opinions that Ms. Moore loves to mindlessly attack while attempting to connect nonexistent dots between multinational corporations and local Alaska politics. When “Big Green” and other Outside interests don’t like the responsible resource development the state of Alaska tries to pursue, then it must be “corporatocracy” and nonsensical conspiracies.

If Bella Hammond and Vic Fischer didn’t want to be potentially liable for their decisions to sign on to a lawsuit, then they shouldn’t have joined the fight. It is logical for the state to try and limit frivolous lawsuits. Ms. Moore attacks Gov. Parnell’s attempt to recoup legal fees from the group of citizens who sued the state because they simply didn’t like what the government was doing. Elections have consequences; we should not allow a dissenting minority limitless litigation with zero consequences, or we’ll turn policy making and the governor’s executive responsibilities into a limitless quagmire of special interest legal battles.

— Samuel A. Moore