Letter: Sullivan’s behavior belies his comment about women

Wednesday evening I attended a fundraiser for senate hopeful Dan Sullivan. As a nonpartisan, undecided voter and lifelong Alaskan, I attended Sullivan’s event hoping to learn more about the candidate and his views. Sullivan spoke to the attendees, referring to Alaska women as an asset to the state, thanking everybody for being there. 

When he was done speaking, I approached him in order to ask questions about his views on relevant issues in order to become a more informed voter — but Sullivan repeatedly ignored me, one of those Alaskan women who are apparently an asset to the state, in order to speak with middle-aged male after middle-aged male. I waited almost 10 minutes to speak with him before finally taking the hint and leaving with no more information than I had entered with.

After that blatant display of both sexism and agism, I certainly won’t be voting for him or mailing back the contribution envelope I took with me — though with all those male supporters, I’m sure Sullivan won’t mind.

— Mara Hill