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OK, brainiacs, did you have this list of Aces captains in your melon?

Doyle Woody,Adn Staff

Alaska Aces bench boss Rob Murray tonight announced center Nick Mazzolini as the club's captain, and earlier we wondered if anyone out there was so Rainman as to know all the captains in club history.

Either way, here's the list, kids:

2013 -- Nick Mazzolini.

2012-13 -- Steve Ward.

2011-12 -- Brian Swanson.

2008-11 -- Scott Burt.

*2008 -- Matt Shasby.

2007-08 -- Barrett Heisten.

2006-07 -- Mike Scott.

2003-06 -- Keith McCambridge.

*Heisten began the 2007-08 season as captain, but repeated concussions prompted his retirement in-season, and Shasby was voted captain by teammates.