Wasilla man arrested twice in past month for Spice-related DUI

Zaz Hollander

Alaska State Troopers say they arrested 19-year-old Logan F. Wolcott after he smoked Spice and passed out in the middle of a side road near Wasilla early Sunday morning.

Troopers arrested the Wasilla resident on strikingly similar charges after finding him slumped over the wheel of his 1994 Ford Taurus in the Valley Performing Arts parking lot before 1 a.m. on Sept. 28, according to charging documents filed at Palmer courthouse.

Wolcott admitted at that time to smoking Spice, a synthetic drug that mimics marijuana, said a sworn affidavit filed with the charges.

Wolcott's arrest Sunday started when Trooper Peter Frederick responded to a 3:46 a.m. report of a man passed out behind the wheel in the middle of Grantham Road off Hyer Road, a two-lane road near Wasilla, according to the affidavit.

Frederick found the engine of the Taurus still warm, the ignition in the "on" position and Wolcott smelling of burnt vegetable matter, he said. Wolcott's eyes were watery and bloodshot and he had "noticeable body tremors," the trooper wrote. He handed the trooper an amount of what looked like Spice and the trooper saw a multicolored glass pipe. Wolcott admitted to smoking Spice a few hours earlier.

During field sobriety tests, the trooper said, "Wolcott also had extreme body tremors, eyelid tremors and was swaying while standing."

A breath test revealed no alcohol in Wolcott's system but he agreed to a drug test that showed cannabis as well as a central-nervous system stimulant, the trooper wrote.

Wolcott was arrested both times for driving under the influence. He was transported to Mat-Su Pretrial Facility for the Sunday arrest on $3,000 bail and court-approved third party, troopers said.

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