Letter: Cease messing with Kincaid

Many “user groups” have been having their way with Kincaid. The developement has moved at a very fast pace in Kincaid. World Class Biathalon Range — large section of trees gone. Soccer fields — very large section of land, more moose habitat gone. Disc Golf Course — WOW more trees gone. Now we have the single-track advocates (moutain bikers) going in with a backhoe to start building single-track trails that are expertly designed to go in between the double-wide ski trails. Then groups of volunteers come in to smooth out the trail for biking. Now we have bikers flying down single-track trails around many blind corners. It is crazy and out of control!

Bikers are having so much fun on the trails they are not thinking of the consequences. Two moose have been shot because of bad decisions.

 Lets make a good decision and put a moratorium on development in Kincaid now. That might save Kincaid.

— Susan Negus