Letter: Turning right on red is usually OK

Attention, Anchorage drivers: Please turn right on red if you have your blinker on, are in a turn-only lane, the light is red, and you are clear to go. On several occasions I have found myself stuck behind someone who waits for the light to turn green even if they are intending to turn right (in a turn lane) and they are clear to go. It is discourteous, rude, and unsafe not to follow the most basic of traffic laws. You may not have somewhere to be but that doesn’t mean the rest of us are not busy trying to make it to the next destination. Either learn how to drive correctly, safely, and efficiently, or get off the road. Please.

Also, please turn left on red from a one-way to a one-way if your intention is to turn. This is another often-forgotten traffic violation.

— Jason Eisert


Anchorage Daily News