Letter: Just get out of the way

I have been a regular user of Kincaid Park for 35 years: both in winter and summer; on skis and on foot. I have been on every conceivable form of trail in the entire park. 

I have seen moose, black bears, porcupines and foxes. I have had plenty of close encounters with moose, including one just last week when the moose would not yield the trail to me and charged instead. I jumped into the brush and the moose broke off the charge. That is how it is done. Just get into the bushes or behind one of the abundant trees.

After all the times I have had close encounters, I have never once felt like packing a gun the next time out at Kincaid. The thought has not even entered my mind. I am not one of those PETA types and I love moose meat as much as any Alaskan. I believe in gun ownership too. To me, taking a gun to Kincaid Park is not self-defense, it is hunting.

— Jim Halloran