#AKFood: Long may pumpkin reign

Nicole Pierce

I'm leaning into to the pumpkin trend. Pumpkin cake. Pumpkin bread. Pumpkin-flavored coffee. (Objectively, that is kind of weird. It's squash. In coffee. But somehow, in the right moment, it works for me.) Anyway, some people are hating on it, but I say bring it. It's seasonal. What Alaskan doesn't appreciate a nice long fall?

Arctic Garden Studio's Nicole Pierce carried the pumpkin banner the last few weeks. She's got wheat bread with pumpkin and pumpkin corn flake breakfast pudding. Megan Ancheta of Allergy Free Alaska has vegan, sugar-free pumpkin creamer. Lots of other seasonal and orange foods making appearances, including Alaska From Scratch's sweet potato cheese fries and Pierce's yam and pepita (pumpkin seeds!) quesadillas.

From the dessert file a healthy (not really) round-up off all that's caramel: Pierce has salt and burnt caramel custard. Alaska From Scratch has a butterscotch bread pudding. Megan Lierman is has Bananas Foster popcorn.

 Finally, bonus from the Anchorage Press, a trip through a couple of our city's many Asian groceries.

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