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Letter: Clergy and churches deserve thanks for services they provide

Pastor Norman Olson of the Freedom Church wrote a letter to the Peninsula Clarion “Tell Your pastor you’ll stand by him” 

(Oct. 21), informing us that  October is “Clergy Appreciation Month.” Thank you for bringing that to my attention. Thanks to the many churches in and around Kenai and Soldotna. It warms my heart when I see your parking lots full of people attending church in our community.

I want to thank ADN reporter Michelle Therriault-Boots for her article “Recovery Fueled by Prayer” on Trevor Millar, leader of Young Life, who survived a tragic accident. It brought tears to my eyes when I read these words. “Soon, a small horde of teenagers gathered around Millar’s wheelchair. A girl in Ugg boots squealed. “I’m glad you’re better!” she said. “ I was praying for you.”

May God bless you Trevor Millar, your family and all other clergy in Alaska for your service to our communities!

Shame on the clergy who preach in forked tongues that God’s love is only for a select few and not all! 

— Lizzie Davis