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Police: UPS driver stole from employees of businesses he delivered to

Benjamin S. Brasch

A UPS worker was charged with theft after he admitted picking up a wallet and a planner with credit cards at places where he made deliveries.

Benjamin Bassler, 21-year-old delivery driver, was arrested Oct. 22 on two felony and two misdemeanor theft charges. He was charged with stealing from employees of a church and an alcohol distributor the day before, according to Jennifer Castro, Anchorage police spokeswoman.

Video surveillance from the church, ChangePoint Alaska, shows a UPS driver enter the church's office at 1 p.m., deliver a package and look around the room, Castro said. After the driver walked between cubicles, she said the tape shows the man kneel down and take the wallet from the woman's cubicle.

The church employee was the first to review the video tape -- she was trying to figure out where her wallet had gone. When she saw the driver taking an object from her cubicle, she contacted UPS security.

The same day, a man in the parking lot of the Century 16 theaters in Midtown found the wallet and a planner with credit cards, according to Castro. The planner belonged to a woman who works at K&L Distributors, where the UPS driver had delivered a package just before noon the same day, Castro said. The man saw the IDs in the wallet and the planner and contacted the owners, Castro said.

When the driver was questioned by UPS security, Castro said, he admitted stealing the items and was fired.

"It's an integrity issue that UPS takes very seriously," said Susan Rosenberg, a UPS spokeswoman in Atlanta.

The driver said he had taken a lunch break at the movie theatre parking lot and admitted tossing the stolen items out the window, Castro said.

Bassler posted $1,000 bond and was released Friday.

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