Letter: Writer should have stayed longer at Sullivan fundraiser

I am writing in regard to the letter published Oct. 25 about U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s first fundraising event in Anchorage.

I attended that function, and observed Dan talking to women and men alike. During Dan’s address to the group, he did speak of the strong role Alaska women play in our state and emphasized the needs and respect due to our military veterans. His passion for Alaska does inspire new energy.

I was proud of the warm, gracious manner in which Dan and his wife, Julie, thanked the many guests who came out on a busy work night.

Alaskan women deserve better than Ms. Hall’s partisan attacks. Had she stayed longer, she would have heard Dan speak passionately about his track record defending Alaska’s women and children through his work as Alaska attorney general to the numerous women in attendance, myself included. 

For Alaskans who want to get to know the real Dan Sullivan, just ask his wife and three beautiful daughters. They would paint a different picture than the one offered in the Oct. 25 letter.

— Irene Rowan