Unalaska police blotter

Assistance Rendered – A man whose community fliers had been torn down in the past reported that the culprit was no longer removing the fliers but was now posting counter-argumentative fliers immediately adjacent. Management of the store where the fliers were posted had no desire to see the bulletin board become an argument board. The culprit was advised to cease his behavior.

Liquor Law Violation – Officers investigating a loud noise that had scared some children found an inebriated, underage, shirtless man outside the neighboring residence. The inebriate was upset about having been kicked out of a party to which he had not been invited, and had slammed his arms against the children’s home. Aukuso Tiatia, 19 yoa, was charged with Minor in Possession.

Suspicious Person/Activity – Caller from out of state reported that the unidentified girlfriend of an unidentified person from out of the country was receiving threatening messages and pictures from an unidentified person in Unalaska. Under investigation.

Welfare Check – Drunken brother reported his equally intoxicated sibling had been puking for the last hour. Officers responded and found two drunks, one of whom professed to be fine and used his two middle fingers to express just how fine he really was.

Harassment – Employer reported that a former employee was sending numerous profane text messages and he wished for the behavior to cease. An officer contacted the former employee, who utilized a great deal of profanity to express his disgust with his former employer. He was eventually advised to cease all contact with his former employer.


Read further highlights from the police log of the Unalaska Department of Public Safety via KUCB. For background on the UDPS police blotter, see "Unalaska police blotter makes for great Alaska literature" (KTUU, Feb. 16, 2012) and "Dutch Harbor: The police blotter read 'round the world" (Los Angeles Times, Feb. 5, 2009)