Letter: Not turning right on red legal, and safer

Jason Eisert (Letters, Monday) needs to chill out. He thinks not turning right on red is “discourteous, rude and unsafe.” The first two are opinions, but the last is flat out wrong. The regulation governing turns on red traffic signals is 13 AAC 02.010 (a)(3)(B), which states: “a driver of a vehicle who has stopped as provided in (a)(3)(A) of this section MAY (emphasis added), after stopping, cautiously proceed to turn right or left from the lawful lane for the turn.” That means that it’s permissible, not required. As far as safety, there’s no safer action when stopped at a red light than to remain stopped.

I think that Mr. Eisert, being in such a hurry that he can’t stand being behind someone stopped legally at a red light, is probably one of those drivers who ride on others’ rear bumpers on the highway. Here’s a clue for him: That’s not safe either.

— Kevin Hansen

Eagle River