Letter: Not worried about war over bears

I’m not worried about the latest battle in the ongoing war between the feds and ADFG. Federal games are meaningless to me now. We’re reaching zero sum with Washington in all arenas, especially bear preservation. 

All biologists know that brown bear boars either kill cubs or run maturing boars out of their territory. If the mature boars don’t kill them, we’ll eventually see them on state lands. Indeed, some ADFG biologists are studying bear immigration into GMU 13 from Denali National Park to the west and Wrangell-St. Elias Park to the east. We’re learning that your silly parks are incubating plenty of bears to shoot. 

Hunters can shoot them on surrounding state lands, troopers can shoot them as they raid Soldotna neighborhoods, fishermen/hikers/hunters can shoot them in self-defense, they can get hit by cars or the boars can kill them. In the end, it appears that you can only have about 800 bears in your silly little Kenai zoo. The rest are going to get dead.

— Mark Gordon


Anchorage Daily News