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Letter: Anchorage streets bad enough without unnecessary waiting

The letters that have commented on the legality and wisdom of turning right or left (where it is legal) after stopping at a red light offer insight into one of the several reasons we have traffic congestion and road rage on our streets. The State of Alaska Drivers Manual admonishes drivers not to “hold back or block the normal and reasonable flow of traffic.” Absent oncoming traffic, that is exactly what drivers are doing who stubbornly insist on sitting at a red light when they could safely turn and continue on their way. 

I tire of the argument that there is no consequence to the couple of minutes lost through delays caused by drivers going under the speed limit, drivers who sit several seconds after they have a green light and a clear intersection, and drivers who refuse to turn when it is clearly safe to do so. Every additional minute exposed to the texting, cellphone-talking, discourteous drivers of Anchorage increases the odds of getting rear-ended or worse.

— Brent Ulmer



Anchorage Daily News