Letter: Try discussing, not disparaging

A woman wrote in the dust on the back window of my truck Monday afternoon in the Dimond Costco parking lot. I’m sorry I missed her scrawling churlish comments about my political bumper sticker. Two other customers confronted her and one then wiped her commentary away. They told me I missed greeting her by just a few seconds. 

I would have told her I’d been on the verge of removing that old sticker in favor a more contemporary statement, but after learning of her mature and reasoned reaction, I’m leaving it in place. I hope she’ll see it often and enjoy it even more, knowing she is directly responsible for it remaining visible. 

Should she ever generate enough courage to actually talk to me instead of scribbling and running away, I’d be delighted to engage her in a civil exchange of views. An adult discussion might be a new experience for her, but it’s never too late to start, right?

— Ronald G. Clarke