Letter: Middle class salaries should not be unsustainable

Today I patronized a local business that had a special parking place for Ernie Hall. When I inquired if it was the same Mr. Hall as the Assembly member, I was told, yes, he was the owner’s father and the previous owner. I found it ironic that Mr. Hall was able to build a business and hand it off to his children, yet he somehow does not want to afford city employees the opportunity to make a living wage. 

With AO 37, he continually asserts that my wages are unsustainable, based on zero facts, and often ties it to property taxes which are not mentioned in the ordinance. I am not here to criticize Mr. Hall or his family, but surely he can see the connection that if my middle-class salary is unsustainable then my continued patronage of his business is as well; I won’t be able to afford it.

Rising tides lift all boats; my wages come from taxes, and many others’ salaries come from mine and those like me.

— Shawn O’Donnell