Letter: How to safely drive the Glenn Highway

Maybe Darwyn Klatt from Wasilla (Letters, Nov. 7), complaining about the left lane drivers on the Glenn Highway, isn’t a “to-Anchorage-and-back commuter.” Unlike most such commuters he doesn’t seem to know about the commuting program that has evolved over the years: From the Y to Eagle River you set your cruise control at 69 mph (70 could get you ticketed) and get in the left lane, six car lengths behind the car in front of you, and travel typically with the same cars in front and behind you the entire way. Anyone who doesn’t wish to hop on the “Valley to Anchorage Commute Train” travels in the right lane.

 This program, except for the few days of snow and ice on the road, is the legally fastest and safest commute —  and gives you a couple of extra seconds to brake for that moose that jumps from the right shoulder onto the highway.

— Jim Lieb