Review: Huey Lewis and The News

Vikram Patel
Jay Blakesberg

Favorite childhood bands often disappoint during live shows. Concerned with their new album's success, they focus on newer material and forsake the hit songs that made them popular in the first place. Not Huey Lewis and the News.

Instead, they planned a tribute tour for their most well-known album. In the first of two "'Sports' 30th Anniversary Tour" shows in Anchorage, the band kicked off the evening by playing -- in order -- the songs from "Sports," an album which includes the band's first five top-20 Billboard hits.

During this group trip down memory lane, Lewis had some fun with the crowd, noting that he was "turning the record over" before starting the second half of the "Sports" tribute.

After "Sports," the band showed off its newest song, ironically titled by the 35-year-old band "While We're Young."  More hits followed, including "Power of Love" from the "Back to the Future" soundtrack. The crowd, closer in age to the Anchorage Symphony's audience but dressed more like Dave Chappelle's, was frenetic from start to encore. If you are attending tonight's show, take a moment to blur your eyes and listen; you just might experience time travel yourself. 

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Vikram Patel