Letter: Let’s decide labor issue soon

Proponents of repealing AO37, the labor ordinance, submitted more than 22,000 signatures, thereby requiring an election date to be set. It seems odd to me that Mayor Dan Sullivan originally said he has “no opinion” regarding when the referendum will be on the ballot, adding that it is up to the Assembly to decide when elections are held. Now, not only does our mayor have an opinion, but went so far as to veto the majority decision of the Assembly to hold the election in conjunction with the regularly scheduled April 2014 ballot.

Part of that veto included a statement that only a special election in November 2014 would work for him. I don’t understand the idea of spending more than $375,000 tax dollars to have the vote occur on his schedule when it would be free of cost in April; sure doesn’t sound fiscally conservative to me. Our regular municipal election has sufficed for every other issue and politician before this, so one has to ask, why is it not good enough for Mayor Sullivan and his personal project?

— Gerard Asselin

Anchorage Police Department Employees Association


Anchorage Daily News