Letter: Our high suicide rate is solvable

Alaska has the highest suicide rate in the nation due to many issues, but only about one third are related to alcohol. Suicide in Alaska is an important issue everyone should pay attention to because we need to find ways to lower the yearly rate. Rural areas in Alaska have a higher percentage than in Anchorage. Young adults and children experience a lot from alcohol abuse, rape, bullying and suicide family related deaths. 

A solution that might help lower the rates in Alaska is creating more sources of entertainment for children out in the rural areas so they don’t get involved with drugs and alcohol. Another solution would be having specialists go around and talk to youth about the suicide and how to notice if someone is showing the signs so they can help people in the community to think more positive and realize life is a gift. It would help them if they are going through hard times to get the help they need to life a better life.

— Amanda Kalkins

Service High School


Anchorage Daily News