Letter: ASD doesn’t deserve $8.5M any more than indoor tennis courts

I agree that spending $8.5 million on indoor tennis courts is folly, for sure. But to try and throw the Anchorage School District and their issues down as deserving of the same $8.5 million is also folly.

 Already, the ASD consumes more than $20,000 per student per year and the graduation rate doesn’t seem to go up. If the Anchorage Assembly has even an iota of common sense, they’ll give it back to the state with a big “no, thank you!” Even in summer, the outdoor tennis courts are hardly used. What makes anyone think indoor courts will be any different? We, the people, have to wrest control of our local, state and federal government away from the fools who with their profligate spending continue to spend our tax dollars foolishly, ruining our children’s and grandchildren’s future.

— GM Hefley