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Letter: Better ways to cut budget exist

There are plenty of ways to cut down spending on the school budget. One way is to eliminate extra-curricular activities and electives such as special needs classes, sports, art, music, and other activities that are important to many students across the state. I cannot exaggerate enough how much a wrong turn we would take if we went down that road.

I am currently a student at ASD and I know that these are the activities that gave me the motivation to push through high school. The argument may be that they are not essential, but from Partners Club I have learned how to be social and empathetic. This is something very useful for my future. 

Our district should be wiser with our money spending. Maybe we should not be spending $900,000 on sports fields. We could also take out some light bulbs from our schools that aren’t being used. Those are just some small examples, but if we brainstormed there are easier, smarter, and more efficient ways to cut spending.

— Ian Kroloff