Letter: It’s time for us to 'privatize’ war

We don’t support our troops with posturing politicians waving the flag. The best way to support them is zero tolerance for frivolous wars.

Marine Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler’s 1935 book “War is a Racket” about World War I is even more true today. Europeans sucked the U.S. into their war. In this century, the U.S. tries to suck other nations into wars our politicians start.

It’s time to stop fighting such wars and start fighting the politicians and the death moguls. Let’s “privatize” the politicians and their owners by paying them no more than we pay the privates until they’re no longer sent off to slaughter and be slaughtered.

That way, Iraq and Afghanistan war vets won’t have to compete with vets of future frivolous wars for veterans’ benefits earned by their blood.

— Geoff Kennedy