Letter: Repurpose proposed facility to be about more than tennis

This city is proud of its indoor and outdoor sport/recreation facilities. We love our Coastal Trail, Spenard Rec Center, Fairview Rec Center, indoor golf ranges, track and soccer fields. Public or private — Alaskans will always need indoor facilities to play. 

We love our museums and libraries. Have we regretted putting in these facilities even though funds have always been tight?

Cities are measured by their access to leisure time family venues. The controversy seems to be the word “tennis.” I say change the purpose to be another rec center. Use this facility for sports that are not promoted in other parts of the city: table tennis, badminton, pickle ball, dodgeball, fencing, boxing as well as tennis.  Create a schedule of activities that promotes all these sports and offers lessons or leagues. 

The other thing that needs to happen is to drop the Turnagain affiliation. Turnagain is over a mile away. The neighbors to this facility live mostly in apartment housing. Who needs more access to non-membership recreation than high-density housing? Do not send these state monies back to Juneau — use them for the benefit of a healthy future.  

— Kathy McArthur