Letter: Governor ignores suffering but likes that pie in the sky

Only someone devoid of concern would refuse $3 billion of federal dollars to provide health care for nearly 40,000 low income Alaskans — in exchange for a pittance of  $200 million state matching funds over seven years.

To avoid a nearly 1,500 percent return on state spending, while reducing pain, agony and premature death among the most vulnerable among us, our heartless leader has chosen to forgo widening the enrollment of Medicaid to single adults making less than 138 percent of the poverty level — turning their suffering into collateral damage from the GOP war against our president.

Someone who would further an innocent’s suffering to enact revenge on a political foe is a barbarian. There is no legitimate argument for refusing this funding. If the federal funds aren’t forthcoming as promised, or if the state’s expense becomes too much of a burden, the enrollment thresholds can be readjusted. 

Gov. Parnell has shamelessly endorsed spending billions of dollars on pie-in-the-sky projects. The Watana dam, roads to resources and others merely line the pockets of cronies while producing nothing to cover their long-term costs of the state.

Shame on Gov. Parnell. The suffering of nearly 40,000 Alaskans should rest on his soul.

— David Paperman