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Letters: Tennis players, it’s up to you

Tennis controversy solved! The Anchorage tennis association claims there are 11,000 active tennis players in Anchorage. OK. So here’s my idea. If 1,000 of the wealthiest players pool together $8,500 each that would cover the $8.5 million dollar price tag. Then charge the other 10,000 active players $20 bucks a month to play. That would raise $2.4 million dollars a year, thus paying for the facility in less than four years. Not to mention the millions in tennis balls, rackets, snacks, Billie Jean King posters, etc.

This is a gold mine! I would be first in line to pay a measly $20 a month to play with the mayor and his buddies. The ball is in your court, tennis lovers.

— Bob Lester