Letter: We take too much for granted

When did the car ride with a movie running become more entertaining than the view outside the windows? I guess when you are born in Alaska you forget about the amazing live panorama view.  It seems technology has really burdened us from getting outside and breathing the fresh, crisp, Alaskan air. (Because taking that deep of a breath in New York would result in a collapsed lung.)  

You really do not realize what is around you until you go to the flat hills of Montana, or industrialized New York where there are no high peaked mountains anywhere in sight. We do not realize how fortunate we really are until we have been scared away by the cold. As Alaskans, and as people we need to get outside more. Use more of the “free” things in life instead of putting ourselves through the endless cycle of this market economy.

Get outside, well, grab some gloves, a hat, a scarf, a heavy jacket, and boots to go take advantage of the one thing that is taken for granted daily.  

— Naomi Freeman