Letter: When will all the wars end?

Traditionally women have seen themselves as the nation’s nurturers but less so now as more seek military careers. Today, according to Parade magazine (Nov. 10), they constitute 16 percent of active military with 40 percent of them mothers. Reflecting this new reality and in honor of Veterans Day, the magazine shows on its front cover a returning soldier  greeting her son with outstretched arms and  in large letters the question: “WHAT DID YOU DO IN THE WAR, MOMMY?” Well and good. Women are proudly serving their country and are being recognized for their service.

But must wars be? For much too long sons and daughters have been sacrificed to the War God. When will enough be enough? At present  no end seems in sight and a warless world seems but a hopeless dream. But believing in that dream is a powerful first step to its realization and its importance should not be ignored.

— Sallie Hogg