Talent-starved industries push for more computer programming education in high schools

Joe RobertsonThe Kansas City Star

Forget the big talk about computer programming jobs. Leave off the tales of talent-starved tech industries, juicy salaries and perks.

For 16-year-old Ruskin High School students Dennis Baleta and Harold Burgos, this moment was all about changing that tiny piece of the world currently at their fingertips.

They pondered. Harold tapped at the keyboard. New computer code flowed into the program on his screen. Dennis reloaded the simple computer game onto his tablet.

Boom. They had changed the color of the ball. They had altered its speed.

This wasn’t theory in a text or a teacher’s lecture. It wasn’t a maze of binary ones and zeros.

It’s like “bringing an idea to life,” Harold said.

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Joe Robertson
Kansas City Star