Letter: Tea partiers aren’t very Christian

Compass writer Joann Pantages (Nov. 16) explains that expanding Medicaid would mostly only help poor, single, (undeserving) men. So unnecessary, she advises, when their friends could pay those medical bills! Although expansion would have boosted the state’s economy, Sean Parnell callously refuses billions of Medicaid dollars. Nationally, the Congressional Budget Office estimates the Affordable Care Act will reduce the deficit by over a hundred billion — in it’s first ten years. Yet Tea Partiers oppose and vilify the ACA, no matter what fiscal or ethical sense it may make. 

Many so-called Christians distort their own bible’s teachings of social justice; redefining the poor as “takers” who drag our economy down. To these very un-Jesus-like followers of Christ, poverty, even for the working poor, has become a personal moral failure, undeserving of assistance. 

A recent study shows that for every 176 people covered by expanded Medicaid, one life was saved. Of about 20,000 Alaskans who would have qualified, we can now expect about 110 of them to needlessly die, each year.

With Christians like these, who needs a Satan?

— Anne Terry