Letter: Begich’s spin on Obamacare

I was watching the news tonight and was absolutely flabbergasted by Democratic Senator Mark Begich complaining about the “misleading” ads by an “outside” actress. OMG. Look, how in the world can Begich spin this “train wreck” which is Obamacare? Play the “outside meddler” card. What about the meddlers in Washington, D.C., who are “all up in my” health care? He must have known that Obama’s assertions that we could keep our plans and doctors was a total premeditated lie. Or was he out of the loop as well? 

Here’s the one question I want Begich to answer, without any hyperbole or distractions: Regarding the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) — Senator: Did you vote for it or against it? Yes or no? 

Well, then I think you should go. And please turn out the light on the way out the door. 

— Robert A. Scott