Letter: Health care law is already making tangible, positive changes

The Affordable Care Act is the law of the land for better or worse. The law has already provided my children relief by requiring premiums paid for insurance coverage to not exceed 15 percent in administrative costs. As allowed by law, the insurance company raised its yearly premium unilaterally; however, the ACA required the insurance company to send a refund check for the overcharges in administrative costs. The ACA is not the “silver bullet” to end all, but it is a beginning to positive changes and provides a forum for solving the difficult issues in providing affordable health care for all.

Insurance companies have and will control the market until there is competition, and the state of Alaska has done nothing to improve health care for Alaskans. Gov. Parnell “opted out” for state retirees’ benefits without offering any alternative plan, such as a supplemental premium payment available for 23- to 26-year-old dependents. Now Medicaid is limited, penalizing the underprivileged. We can do better and not throw out the baby with the bath water.

— Richard Onorato