When Swedish animals attack: Wild boars get road rage; moose family bullies schoolboy

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Wild-boar pack mounts road-rage attack in eastern Sweden

Police in central Sweden got a call Tuesday night from a man who was surrounded by a pack of angry wild boars on a country road.

Police told Swedish news agency TT that the man had crashed into the boars near the eastern city of Västerås after around seven to eight of them wandered on to the road.

The man’s car hit three of the animals, who fell over. The rest then angrily circled the vehicle and kept the frightened man inside.

A hunter was called out to get rid of the wild boars and to check whether any had been injured.

Family of moose surround, attack schoolboy 

A 9-year-old boy got the fright of his young life when he was surrounded by a family of angry moose.

August Anderud was on his way home from school in Halmstad, Sweden when a whole family of moose, or elks, surprised him and went to attack. First the mother, who was with two calves, stood in the way of the boy’s bike and then the bull came along.

“The mother and calves ran away. Then the bull with its antlers hit my right shoulder and went on its hind legs and began to beat its hooves on my back, ” August Anderus told Sveriges Radio’s local channel in Halland.

The schoolboy fortunately escaped without injury. The bull, however, paid for the incident with its life as the police gave permission for it to be shot.

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