Letter: Afghanistan deal unbelievable

Our government has reached a deal with Afghanistan? Instead of getting our troops out of there in 2014, we are agreeing to keep 10,000+/- soldiers, airmen and Marines in-country for another 10 years or so. John Kerry discloses none of the details, but the Afghani elders are voting on the deal, whatever it is.

I can’t believe it. I am a card-carrying Democrat, always have been, I voted for President Obama twice. I support universal health care and immigration reform. But this purported agreement with Karzai blows my mind.

Why should we provide one dime or one life more to this conflict? Karzai is a master manipulator who has been hornswoggling our leaders, political and military, for a decade.

Here’s my suggestion: Tell Karzai to take the billions of American dollars he and his countrymen have stolen, along with his brother’s drug money, and bankroll private defense contractors already there to train the locals, protect the oil fields and fight the Taliban. If we keep sending cash and our troops, obviously they’ll keep taking both.

— Vivian Munson