Alaska based Production Company and local businesses team to fund backcountry documentary

Alaska based Production Company and local businesses team to fund backcountry documentary

Hybrid Color Films “Winter Project” boosted by local businesses | AMDS, A2D Sledworks, Featherlite. 

Anchorage, AK: Local production company, Hybrid Color Films, gets a needed financial boost from local businesses on their quest to fund a documentary about backcountry snowmachining. Local businesses include: Alaska Mining and Diving Supply, Inc., A2D Sledworks, and Featherlite. The company’s approach to funding this film is via the non-traditional crowd funding website Kickstarter – which is a platform that relies heavily on individual donations to fund projects in a limited number of days. Historically, Hybrid Color Films has experienced difficulty getting businesses to support snowmachine related film projects; however, Hybrid Color is blown away by the enthusiastic response by companies willing to financially back Hybrid’s current “Winter Project”. “For a company like Alaska Mining and Diving Supply to come on board is monumental. Being the biggest Ski Doo dealership in the world, well, it doesn’t get much better than that.” said Travis Smith, the producer of Hybrid Color Films. “To top it off, we even have smaller local businesses such as A2D Sledworks and Featherlite chipping in which is great because that means big and small companies alike believe in us, our story, and the athletes we have on board.” 

Hybrid Color Films is a full production company based out of Anchorage, Alaska seeking to fund a snowmobile documentary based in Alaska. This film will be exceptional because currently there are no snowmachine films that take an in depth look at the personal stories of these great professional athletes. In addition, Hybrid Color will be featuring many of the biggest and best athletes in the industry (Heath Frisby, Joe Parsons, Daniel Bodin, Cory Davis, and Paul Thacker --- all X-games medalists). This film will be shot entirely in Alaska and 85% of the story will be about Alaskan riders and filmmakers (Turnagain Hardcore and Frontier Films). The remaining 15% will explore the mecca of riding and why the biggest names in the sport return to Alaska year after year. Their overriding goals for the film are: to have a positive influence on snowmaching films, to take a closer look at the personal lives of these great athletes, and to create a documentary that captivates riders and non-riders alike. Their goals are fueled largely by their tireless passion for snowmachining and the great state of Alaska. Finally, as filmmakers who were raised here, ride here, and know the land and its people, Hybrid Color Films is the best option for telling this unique Alaskan snowmaching story. They’re riding it, why not film it and share Alaska’s glory?

Funding for this project ends Nov. 30th, 2013 at 7:33am Alaska Time. For more information on this project or ways to support it please visit or contact Travis Smith at 907.903.0440.

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