Fuel fumes blamed for duplex fire in NE Anchorage

Anchorage firefighters battle a duplex fire at 5664 Alora Loop, near the intersection of 4th Avenue and Boniface Parkway Tuesday evening, November 26, 2013.
Erik Hill
Firefighters are instructed to pull back as the right side of a condo duplex loses structural integrity at 5664 Alora Loop on Tuesday evening, November 26, 2013, in Anchorage.
Erik Hill

At least one family was displaced after a fire tore through half of a duplex Tuesday night in northeast Anchorage, fire officials said.

A caller reported the blaze about 6:51 p.m. in the "high density housing" at 5664 Alora Loop., near the intersection of 4th Avenue and Boniface Parkway, officials said. Thirteen units responded, and the bulk of the flames, concentrated on the right unit, were knocked down in about 30 minutes.

Firefighters said the blaze started in the garage, where an occupant was working on a fuel tank. Some of the unidentified fuel was being held in a bucket while the work was being done, and when a nearby boiler kicked on, it sparked the fuel's fumes and started the blaze, officials said.

"They did a good job stopping the fire and not letting it get to the other half," said lead dispatcher Don Tallman on Tuesday night. "The fire wall is credited with saving the other side of the unit."

The right unit was destroyed, he said, with the blaze intense enough to burn down some of the staircase in the entryway.

No injuries were reported, and the Red Cross was on the scene helping at least two members of the displaced family, Tallman said. Siding on a neighboring home was damaged during the blaze, and it was unclear when the duplex's surviving unit would be habitable.

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