Letter: Congrats to Julie Decker

Congratulations to Julie Decker on becoming the new director and CEO of the Anchorage Museum. It’s rewarding to know that Alaska’s own has been recognized as a truly talented Alaskan individual who won’t be lost to an Outside museum. Congratulations also to the Anchorage Museum Association for choosing one of Alaska’s own to further the Anchorage Museum’s mission. How many times have we seen a nationwide search for a new CEO result in bringing someone from Outside, when Alaska’s own talent is so often overlooked? This appointment has strengthened my belief that my daughter, studying for her master’s in Museum Anthropology at Columbia University, may someday secure a position with the Anchorage Museum instead of having to look Outside like the Smithsonian, where she spent 15 months preparing for her graduate degree. So kudos to the Anchorage Museum Association for choosing one of our own to lead the Anchorage Museum as a community center focusing on art, history, science and culture. Alaska will benefit greatly with Julie at the helm.

— Greg Bill