Letter: Wolf worth more alive than dead

How can it be that a couple of trappers along the eastern boundary of Denali National Park hold sway over a multimillion-dollar tourist industry, denying thousands of visitors the thrill and excitement of viewing families of wolves in one of the last great protected wilderness areas?

Many Alaskans have advocated on this issue for years to the Board of Game. Politics aside, it appears the only win-win solution to the drastic wolf decline is to negotiate a permanent federal-state easement exchange or purchase on the eastern boundary as proposed in a letter to Interior Secretary Jewell and Gov. Parnell.

Wolves, along with bears and other iconic Alaska wildlife, are a priceless resource to our state. A live wolf is worth vastly more than a dead one. Most park visitors would be horrified to know that wolves protected in the park also run the risk of being trapped and killed. Wolves evoke the Spirit of the Wild and are vital to a healthy ecosystem.

— Penelope Wells