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Letters: Balanced wildlife policy doesn’t include systematic wolf trapping

The crash in wolf sightings by people riding the buses in Denali National Park is the result of the Board of Game’s action in 2010 authorizing wolf trapping along the north and east boundaries of Denali National Park. Traps can now be set as close as seven miles from the Park Road, and the human habituated wolves that we once saw from the buses have been easy targets for a handful of opportunistic trappers. 

Both Democrat and Republican members of the Legislature have told me that they support balanced wildlife policy, and yet only Rep. Andy Josephson has had the courage to introduce a bill which would do something to protect these Park wolves. The legislators who campaign as moderates need to co-sponsor Rep. Josephson’s bill, and stop running scared from the Alaska Trappers Association, and its allies. Win or lose, a large number of co-sponsors will send a message to the Board of Game that refusing until 2016 to even discuss the trapping of the park’s viewable wolves is unacceptable.

— Kneeland Taylor