Letters: Governor’s refusal to expand Medicaid hypocritical and mean

Alaska is ranked third in the United States for the highest number of residents without health insurance, No. 3 with the highest salaries, No. 1 in teen suicide, domestic violence, rape, child abuse, is next to last in school-to-work programs and receives more federal dollars per person than any other state.

Gov. Sean Parnell’s refusal to expand Medicaid is hypocritical and just plain mean. The deliberate and insidious obstructionism by the GOP-tea party has increased the number of uninsured people living below the poverty line by millions. More than 10 percent of Alaska’s population lives below the poverty line.

Parnell wants admission into the GOP-TP’s Ideological-Conservatively Pure frat house. The price for the ticket is that he and his gerrymandered supermajority Legislature need to defund, deregulate, obstruct and reject anything that would either benefit the citizens of Alaska or give this president validity. 

Give away billions to the richest corporations in the world with no strings attached? Check! Spend millions on frivolous lawsuits against the federal government? Check! Provide health care to Alaskans? Forget it! 

— Cyndy Brandon