Commonwealth North sets annual Legislator Meet and Greet

Commonwealth North invites you to participate in our Annual Legislator Meet and Greet Wednesday, December 11th, from 11:30am to 1:00pm at the Dena'ina Center. Speaker of the House Mike Chenault and Senate President Charlie Huggins will keynote this Commonwealth North event and then in table discussions, you will have the opportunity to discuss key issues with your elected officials.

As Alaskans approach a new legislative session in January, we are facing a number of important issues.  Our Alaska Legislators are being asked to make important public policy decisions that will affect the course of Alaska for years to come.  Resolving these issues as well as keeping the pulse on constituents is not always an easy job.  At last year's Legislator Meet and Greet Program, 28 Legislators joined us for an outstanding luncheon which received very favorable responses from both Legislators and our members.

This is not a campaign, political debate, or cross-examination. It is an opportunity to discuss key issues with well-informed, thoughtful Alaskans.  This program also includes a detailed overview of Commonwealth North's studied positions on Alaska's critical public policy areas which include health care, infrastructure, energy, and fiscal policy.  

Tickets are $20 for members,  $40 for non-members. 

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