Letter: Flood plain designation should be taken seriously

It is terribly unfortunate that some of the residents along Chester Creek near Arctic Blvd. have been flooded twice in the past few years. The fact that the Clarks’ home was built so close to the creek (along with dozens of others upstream) speaks to the need for an adequate setback distance between buildings and our waterways.

According to the Daily News article on Wednesday, the house is 16 feet away from the center of the creek. Further, this area is in a 100-year event flood zone.

Title 21 is grappling with setback issues as Anchorage moves forward in development decisions. Scientific literature suggests 100-foot or greater setbacks for both the protection of the structure and the waterway. 

The past cannot be changed, and many of the structures within the current 25-foot setback have been grandfathered in, but they will pay the price. We can plan better for the future. Support a greater creek setback in Title 21.

— Thom Eley

research associate,

 Anchorage Waterways Council