How are dog-walkers and dogs dealing with the icy roads?

Jillie thought she had the ice thing down when she went in hover mode. Unfortunately, the next picture exposed the weakness in her theory.
Mike Lewis /
Lucy needed help here when she slipped on the ice.
Mike Lewis /

These are, without question, my least-favorite conditions of the year. Icy roads and hard, punchy snow off trail. 

Nevertheless, the dogs wanted to go for a walk, so off we went. The light Yorkies don't have much trouble. They slip but recover. It's my Chessie, Lucy, who is about 13, who struggles the most. She's smart enough to try to avoid the glare ice and seek out thicker snow, but even then it's difficult for a sore old girl to walk through it. I felt bad immediately and cut the walk short.

How about you? Any secrets? I try to remember to wear cleats myself so I don't slip and fall on one of the dogs. But I'm at a loss as to how to improve Lucy's footing. Booties don't seem to help because they cover up her claws.