letter: Help the homeless now and they may pay the city taxes later

Several days ago, on your web site, I was reading about the homeless people. I also read about and what they want to spend money fixing the hockey rinks. Although hockey rinks are a priority, I believe they should more attention to homelessness.

Homelessness is not only problem in Anchorage, but everywhere you go. If we have the money and the know way to help a lot of homeless people, why does the government not take that money and help homeless people. The Daily News has printed several articles about homeless people and their way of life; the government ought to know how to wisely invest to help get homeless people back on their feet.

Certainly the money invested in helping them will allow them to pay taxes later. We need to focus on a higher priority, human life rather than a sport. Those who play hockey could afford to assist in fixing the rinks as they can afford equipment to play.

— Aaron Albornoz

Service High School