Letters: Stray cats are fondly recalled

This is the third year that I haven’t had to feed stray cats here at The Club Apartments. Of course the winter is just beginning but I have a good feeling about it. I can’t but help to think of the other cats I’ve fed through the years, and how one day they never showed up again, leaving me to wonder what ill fate befell them. A couple were tame enough to find new homes for, some were just lost and I managed to reunite four cats with their owners. 

Some people just say never to feed them to begin with but out of respect for the maker of all life I will if necessary.

I am proud of you all here at the Club. In my corner of the world it’s nice to know that kitty cats are snug and warm with their own families. Remember, cats are not toys, you can’t just throw them away because then they come to my door, crying, matted, cold, hungry.

— Pearl Nestor